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Taurus and Leo? A "sensual and luxurious pairing", say our friends at AstroStyle. The cheeky third sign of the zodiac gets a bad wrap for being two-faced, flighty and gossipy -- but really, they're just "unemotional and curious", according to Cafe Astrology. Geminis have a reputation for having a dual nature with their smooth communication skills but are also optimistic, adaptable and wise. This water sign wears its heart on its sleeve, with Cancerians tending to be, "self-protective, sensitive" with a habit of retreating when they get hurt, according to Cafe Astrology.

Those born under the sign of the crab are often caregivers who put their own needs last -- but hopefully our Cancer bachelorettes can hold their own in the mansion and not just be someone else's cheer squad. Cancer and Leo? The two signs have energies "as different as night and day" according to AstroStyle, so this match could be a stretch.

Uh-oh, four Leos in the house vying for the attention of another Leo, there's a potential for too much fire in the Bach house with all of that pride and ego in one space.

Gemini Daily Horoscope

The sign of the lion is known for passion, courage and a regal manner, so says Cafe Astrology. Leos are bold and dramatic and might step on some toes but are also hopeless romantics so our Leo lionesses could do well -- as long as they're scoring plenty of single dates. The first word associated with Virgos is usually 'organisation' but they're so much more.

Remember, Beyonce is a Virgo, after all! They're practical perfectionists who can be generous, witty and extremely charming, according to AstroStyle. We might be able to expect our Virgo bachelorettes to be "highly productive" with a love of analysing situations -- perfect for narrating the drama-filled cocktail parties. Virgo and Leo?

Apparently as "hot as it is cold" which sounds Librans are represented by the scales because they're constantly weighing up their decisions and are notorious for sitting on the fence. Cafe Astrology tells us Librans have a "keen sense of balance" and are associated with love, beauty and artistry. Librans and Leos? Elusive Neptune will also station retrograde, and your Neptune retrograde horoscope is here to help you remove the rose-colored glasses you wear when you idealize and fantasize certain situations.

Aries: The Person You Are Behind Closed Doors

Mystical Neptune loathes reality, so when this heavenly body stops working at its full potential, you'll be given no choice but to face the truth. I'm not saying the truth will be ugly, but it's not always pretty.

Neptune retrograde begins on June 21 and stays there until November Neptune governs your subconscious mind and the universal realm. It also represents addictions, compassion, and the divine inspiration alive and breathing within everyone. According to AstroStyle. However, when Neptune retrogrades, its psychic abilities are greatly emphasized, with the exception of the smoke and mirrors.

So if something seemed off or ambiguous to you before Neptune retrogrades, the retrograde will strip away your illusions, along with whatever's been blocking your vision, so you can face your truth. Neptune retrograde could shed light on deceptions that were in front of you this entire time. Neptune retrograde will activate your secretive 12th house of closure, dreams, karma, and the subconscious mind.

Get your complete 2018 Gemini horoscope from The AstroTwins:

This is Neptune's house of rulership, so you'll likely come face-to-face with the things that stifle your spiritual wellbeing. Avoid mind-altering substances during this time, and make sure you're being honest with yourself, Aries. With Neptune retrograde lifting the fog via your 11th house of groups, teams, and extended network, you're being asked to reevaluate your group efforts and general sense of camaraderie.

How are you being compassionate with humanity? What's your definition of a revolution? Deception is likely amongst friendships, from both their side and yours.

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Don't be stubborn and open your mind. Working hard or hardly working? Neptune retrograde will ignite your ambitious tenth house of career, reputation, and sense of authority, but the effects will depend on the types of sacrifices you've been making. Are you taking responsibility for your actions in the workplace?

Who's the boss?

Career Horoscopes

Whatever you've been avoiding professionally can no longer be ignored. Don't be afraid to take charge, Gemini. Neptune retrograde will bring clarity to your expansive ninth house of travel, education, and personal philosophy.

Where exactly are you headed, Cancer? This will be a deeply spiritual time for you, so feel free to dive into a good book, or perhaps head back to school for a certification you've been thinking about. You only live once, and your soul's truth awaits. You're evolving, slowly but surely. And Neptune retrograde will highlight the areas of your life that need growth, so your comfort zone will be off limits during this time. Are there boundaries within your intimate unions? Is there a sense of ambiguity in regard to your inheritances or legacies?

Truths will surely come to the light, but staying in control is no longer an option.

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Heal your one-on-one connections. With Neptune retrograde clearing the air via your seventh house of relationships and couples' therapy, you're learning how to communicate with your partners, despite all biased opinions and general reluctance.

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