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10 Basic Yogas to be Examined in any Horoscope - TARA ASTROLOGY

They have fertile agriculture lands, three houses and house-sites inherited from parents. They are multi-millionaires and enjoy all comforts in life. Bhava chart. Kanka Maha Lakshmi. Example 4. This is the horoscope of Smt. Sonia Gandhi; the world-famous lady-ruler and de-facto ruling head Prime-Minister, President and all-in-one of India for past 5 years — She rose to absolute power and controls political elements in the country and thrashes opposition effectively.

She is a lady of firm-will. She is adored by millions of people. She has many strong raja-yogams in her natal chart. Sonia Gandhi; Dec; at Turin; Italy. Venus is in own her house, Libra Kendra ; this is Malaveeya yoga; so Venus bestows her royal luxuries and riches through out the life. Chandra-Mangala yogam Moon and Mars in mutually 7 th houses gives her success in worldly affairs and in political career; she gains in all aspects in this material world. Jupiter and Venus together is Adhikya yoga in kendram 4 th is maha-yoga; she gets success and prosperity and all the best in life.

Ubhayachara yoga is formed; Sun is in 5 th house konam ; previous house 4 th has Jupiter Vosi yoga ; next house 6 th has Mars Vesi yoga. This makes her an empress ruler. Mars is lord of konam 5 th and kendram 10 th ; so Mars is yoga-karaka and gives her riches, properties, prosperity and success in world affairs; Sunapha-yogam Saturn is in next house to Moon, gives her intelligence, wealth and fame. Moon, Mars, Venus and Jupiter give her a royal status, multi- billionaire riches and excellent life achievements.

Budha-Aditya yogam is formed due to conjunction of Sun and Mercury in 5 th house Sri Maha Lakshmi stanam ; she has billions of riches and properties. She has two children very highly placed in life, healthy, wealthy and happy. She enjoyed only limited marital happiness. She lost her husband on May during Saturn period, Rahu sub-period for her; he was assassinated at Sri Perambudur in Tamilnadu.

Example 5. This is the horoscope of very famous and highly successful cine-actress Mrs. Madhri Dixit. She ruled Boolywood cine field for two decades, as a successful heroine. RASI Mrs.

Raja Yoga and other Yogas in Astrology

Madhuri Dixit; famous cine-heroine. This is the natal chart of Mrs.

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Madhuri Dixit. She is a phenomenal success in her profession as a film actress. She earned billions of wealth and name and fame. Lagna-lord, Venus is in 9 th house, Bhagyam; she always had luck in her efforts and rose to great heights in her career and life.

There is Parivarathana Exchange yoga in this chart; Venus is in Gemini 9 th house and Mercury is in Taurus 8 th house. This causes her great success and good luck.

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  8. Sun and Mercury together is Budha-Aditya yoga; and this gives her prosperity and success. Venus is Vivaha-karaka; she is in Bhagyam house of luck so she got married to a well-accomplished person, well-settled in U. Lord of 7 th house, Mars is in Vyayam 12 th and Ketu is in 7 th house; so she may experience some problems in her marital life. Mars is lord of two marka-houses 2 nd and 7 th ; and is in Mars vyayam 12 th house ;so Mars is trouble-giver for her. Sun is in Taurus 8 th house. She has Rahu in 7 th house Vosi yoga and Venus is in 9 th house Vesi yoga.

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    So she has Ubhaya-achara yoga. She is prosperous and enjoys queenly life and luxuries. Monday, February 23, Raja yogas for prosperity--Part Mee nam Mesha 10 Rahu 11 Moon 12 8 Smt. Posted by Jyothishi at AM. Labels: Vesi yoga gives riches and status to the person. Newer Post Older Post Home. Raja yogas for prosperity in vedic astrology- Part I earned a Ph.

    Degree all three examiners were U. I published many research articles and Ph. I got all-India awards for my books. I have been practising Vedic astrology for the past 48 years. I was honored with Jyothisha Vidya Praveena in I wrote 41 original books and hundreds of articles in English on various Astrology topics. I analysed over ten thousand horoscopes and published articles in my blog by Aug My blog and articles were listed in the topmost first rank position among 10,30, entries under the caption Vedic astrology-blog articles in Google web-search site on Aug Sunday.

    Please see my web-site jyothishi. You can contact me by e-mail; pandit jyothishi. Please do not ask me for free service. View my complete profile. Aries 2. Jupiter 4. Sun Ketu. LEO Rahu. Venus I am saying so because if the credit of all these auspicious results is to be assigned to Sunpha Yoga; then, all persons born between PM 23 February to pm 25 February should have had the similar positive results of Sunpha Yoga. During this time frame of around 51 hours between PM 23 February to pm 25 February , the Moon remained in Pisces zodiac Meena Rashi ; and, the mutual disposition of the Moon and Mars Mars placed in second house from the Moon remained the same.

    But, we know that this is neither logical nor possible; and that there might have been all sorts of people born during these 51 hours, when the mutual disposition of the Moon and Mars remained the same and generating Sunpha Yoga some of them would have been poor, some would have been failures and some would have had happy family life etc. No, this is not what I intend to say; and, there is definitely some relevancy as well as usefulness of these principles.

    The only requirement is to understand it appropriately in place of making quick and straight forwarded conclusions. In order to comprehend this properly, first we need to know the importance as well as limitations of analyzing Moon Chart.

    The planet Moon is related with emotions and imagination. And, these qualities are related to the right side of the brain.