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Log in Login via Facebook Twitter. Email address. Password Forgot your password? Keep me signed in. Economy class Today, my wife and I moved into our new place. I'm recovering from back surgery and out of work. To help make up the rent, her boyfriend moved in too. FML I agree, your life sucks 6.

Kate Middleton and Prince William Photographed With All Three Kids For First Time

You deserved it 2. Bugging out Today, I'm allergic to not only bug spray, but also mosquitos. I'm staying at a bug-infested lake for 5 days. FML I agree, your life sucks You deserved it Not knowing where the date would take us, I shaved my pubic hair. Later, in the middle of making out with the guy, my dad storms into the room to tell me, "I had to get some Draino, your pubes clogged the shower.

Gullible's travels Today, my step-sister asked me what an organ donor was. I told her it's someone who delivers pianos. She believed me.

A rock and a hard place Today, I got back from a camping trip after being homesick for 3 weeks. I couldn't remember why I had wanted to be away from my family for so long when I signed up for it. When I got home, I remembered.

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Everyone in my family hates each other. I want to go back to the camping site.


Not so ready to rumble Today, my pro wrestling training class had come to a close and I was gathering my things outside of the ring. One of my fellow trainees got out of the ring on the side where there was nothing but giant stage lights. He knocked them over onto me, giving me my first pro wrestling injury.

Overreaction much? Today, my boyfriend's mum yelled at me for, "nagging Stephen to get married when he isn't ready. At my sister's wedding. When prompted by my grandmother. Mom of the year Today, I went to a restaurant that I always go to, and one of the cute waiters gave me a discount.

My mother called me a whore in the middle of the restaurant, then slapped me when I cried. I'm a weirdo, I'm a creep Today, I was sitting behind some bushes in the dark enjoying the view, when some cops came and confiscated my night-vision goggles, then warned me for acting like a "creepy perv.

Bye bye, then Today, I learnt that I can't share my things with other people. This includes my girlfriend. Addictive Today, I was introduced to Minecraft.

Horoscope Matcher

I haven't blinked in 5 hours. Cujo 2: Electric Boogaloo Today, I was mauled by my own dog.

I own a Chihuahua. His keys were in the door, he was just too drunk to unlock it. Today, on Maury… Today, I found out I'm pregnant after 14 years of being told I'll likely never have kids. I checked her room just in case, only to open a drawer and be greeted by a dildo. Sneaky Today, after losing a battle with ants in my apartment, I just pulled one off that was biting me in the vagina.

Balls up Today, I woke up at 2 p. Mrs Heckles? Today, my batshit crazy downstairs neighbor threatened me with "legal action" for making too much noise. Make it easy on yourself Today, I had depressive feelings, so I decided to write about it to find out what was bothering me, and let go of the negative thoughts.

Economy class

While doing so, I had a panic attack. Alexa, play "Meat Is Murder" by The Smiths Today, my girlfriend went on yet another long-winded rant about how dogs are family and should be treated as such, whilst stuffing her face with ribs. This story has been shared 67, times.

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