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The Dog man in love: The Dog man is hypersensitive and proud. If you are a Dog man, you have enough confidence to find a romantic partner, but if the other party laughs at you or hurts your feelings, you withdraw easily. If you love a Dog man, try to hold him on a short leash and lead with softness and tenderness. Your Dog man adores being quietly dominated and will love you forever for the guidance you give.

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He will only accept a partner who is committed to truth and, if you are that one, he will let you in like a happy pup. When it comes to money, Dogs are not as independent as you might think.

Pet Astrology: Are You And Your Pet Compatible?

They need good advisors to protect them financially. Without a long-term plan, their tendency is to spend a bit too freely. Also, you will suffer more financial losses caused by illness and should never dream of getting rich through fast money or gambling as it is difficult for you in Meanwhile, the inauspicious stars will impact your interpersonal relationship and you might be framed up by vile characters.

GEMINI Year of the PIG (Yin Earth) 2019, 2079…Chinese Astrology Horoscope

Though 'Tian Kong' brings artistic imagination good for creation, it also makes you reap the profits and indulge in wishful thinking; you'd better do everything by yourself. Besides, 'Tai Yang' will bless you male Dogs. You single women will find it easier to attract men while single males will become more charming and popular with the opposite sex, and may start a relationship. For Dogs in a relationship, you may get married in this year.

12222 predictions for the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water Dogs

If you had a problem in relationship or broke up in the last year and want to make it up, will be a good time for reconciliation. If you have broken up completely, 'Tian Xi' will help you to bid farewell to the past and start a new relationship. Young married Dogs may have a baby in this year, so prepare for pregnancy. For those in marriage for many years, you won't see significant improvement in life. Under the influence of 'Gua Su' and 'Tian Kong', you tend to make disorderly conjectures and feel lonely, so make efforts to maintain the relationship.

You can also place it under your pillow for better luck in love relationship. Even the minor illness will take a long time to recover. Mentally, you will have more negative emotions due to the influence of stress and trivia. At the same time, you may get injured accidentally, so look out no matter what you do.

Female Dogs may get pregnant and should watch out the impact of 'Gua Su' which will lead to no luck with relatives and no offspring, so be careful in diet and action during the pregnancy period. Gemini-Dog is always caring for his family, he deserves love and respect. Purposeful Gemini-Dogs do not doubt their own success.

These active, active, and most importantly, rational people know how to achieve recognition. Do not neglect the advice of colleagues — easily establish the right connections. They are free and self-confident, therefore they do not recognize any framework.

Dog Fortune in 12222

Calmly go to their goal, and do not resort to intrigues, but just a lot and honestly work. Gemini-Dogs know what kind of result they want to achieve, always carefully consider their strategy of behavior. At his workplace, Gemini-Dog is extremely serious, not prone to questionable experiments. This executive, hard-working person shows himself as a good specialist.

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He does not care what position he occupies: he is deprived of vanity and pride. The Gemini-Dog has many talents, so it feels pretty comfortable in any field of activity. And at all does not aspire to be engaged in one business throughout all life. It easily leaves the former place of work and seeks new ways to realize oneself. Active Gemini-Dog man — a nature addicted. His head is full of various ideas, he always hurries somewhere. He likes to communicate, to rotate among people, makes the impression of an easy, cheerful rake. But this is a thinking, spiritually developed man. He tries to bring the case to the end, takes responsibility responsibly to his professional duties. Is able to provide support at the right time, can give valuable advice.

In love, he shows lightheadedness, he likes to make short-term relationships filled with passion. This is a romantic partner, capable of endlessly surprising her chosen one. But in marriage he demonstrates loyalty, devotion, loves his family and cares about wife.

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